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Bulgaria Air Strike Compensation

Bulgaria Air strike compensation in the EU.

Are you eligible to this compensation? How much is it? What are the rules?

It may come as a surprise to many passengers that strikes are not always classified as extraordinary circumstances. In cases where Bulgaria Air staff, rather than airport staff, initiate a strike leading to flight disruptions, passengers may be eligible for flight compensation from Bulgaria Air. This compensation applies to all qualifying flights and passengers affected by delays or cancellations caused by the staff strike. Also passengers are entitled to receive care during such situations.

You can claim this compensation yourself or work with a flight compensation company.

1. Bulgaria Air Strike Compensation

The requirements for receiving Bulgaria Air strike compensation are straightforward.

The flight must have been delayed or cancelled altogether:

  1. Flight delay due to strike. The flight delay must exceed 3 hours, measured from the moment the airplane doors open at the destination, allowing passengers to disembark. If the delay extends beyond 3 hours from the scheduled arrival time, passengers may be eligible for flight delay compensation.
  2. Flight cancellation due to strike. The flight cancellation should occur last-minute. Last-minute cancellations are flights canceled up to 14 days before the scheduled departure date. In such cases, passengers may be entitled to Bulgaria Air flight cancellation compensation (+ refund for the cancellation).

Are you going to miss a connecting flight due to delay/cancellation?

Rest assured, Bulgaria Air will assist you by providing a complimentary new flight to ensure you reach your intended destination. Plus, you have a right to care and assistance from the airline. These regulations apply to all Bulgaria Air flights.

You may be entitled to flight compensation, too. We recommend referring to our comprehensive guide on Bulgaria Air missed connection compensation to learn more about it. In case of missed connections, compensation rules are similar to those for flight delays.

By Europe and EU here on this page (and on this website in general) we mean all EU Member States, the United Kingdom (UK), Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Reunion, Mayotte, Saint Martin (French Antilles), the Azores, Madeira, the Canary Islands, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland.

1.1 Extraordinary Circumstances

It is important to note that airline staff strikes, technical issues, and staffing shortages are not classified as extraordinary circumstances. However, airlines may still incorrectly label a delay or cancellation as such to evade compensation obligations. To ensure clarity regarding flight disruptions, it is advisable to contact the airline directly for accurate information.

Airlines might claim that a delay or cancellation resulted from extraordinary circumstances, even if it did not, as it exempts them from compensation payments. Therefore, it is recommended to verify the information provided by the airline before accepting it. Taking the necessary steps to double-check all details pertaining to flight compensation and refunds is a prudent approach.

1.2 Right to Care and Assistance

In case of flight delays and cancellations, it is crucial to be aware of your right to care.

This fundamental right grants you access to certain complimentary services. For instance, if you find yourself waiting at the airport for a period of three hours or more, you may be eligible for a complimentary meal and beverage. In addition to that, you have the right to access to communications – two free phone calls, emails, or faxes. 

Furthermore, in the case of nighttime delays surpassing three hours, you could qualify for free accommodation and airport transfers.

If you have not received any assistance, we encourage you to reach out to Bulgaria Air personnel at the airport to ensure your entitlement to these provisions.

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2. How to Claim Bulgaria Air Strike Compensation?

When seeking EU flight compensation, you have two options available.

  1. Self-claim with the airline: To personally claim Bulgaria Air strike compensation, you can directly contact Bulgaria Air customer support through their website or e-mail and initiate the process. It is important to be aware that this approach might involve a prolonged duration, potentially taking several months, and could require negotiation to achieve a satisfactory resolution.
  2. Seek legal representation: Alternatively, you can opt for the simpler route of obtaining legal assistance. Specialized companies in Europe are dedicated to handling flight-related compensation matters and can manage the entire process on your behalf. By completing a single form, the compensation claim form, you can entrust the resolution of your issue to these professionals. Our partners offer such services.

When choosing this option, here is all you will have to do:

Go to
this page

Fill in a claim form

Upload documents*

Sign online

And that’s it — the rest is handled by professionals.

* Your boarding pass and passport or ID copy.

Read more:

2.1 How Long Do Airlines Take To Pay Compensation?

What is the expected timeline for receiving compensation?

Generally, the compensation process requires a minimum of 2-3 months to reach a resolution. However, it is worth noting that in recent times, the duration has often been longer, especially if you file a claim independently and the airline disregards your request.

It is essential to understand that this is not a fast procedure, and it is not uncommon for it to take a considerable amount of time.

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3. How Much Can You Claim?

The compensation amounts are fixed and range from €250 to €600.

These amounts are regulated by the EU regulations.

Here is how you can calculate the amount of your Bulgaria Air strike compensation:

When your destination is within the EU/UK:


If the distance of your flight is
up to 1,500 km


If the distance of your flight is between 1,500 – 3,500 km

When your destination is outside the EU/UK:


If the distance of your flight is
up to 1,500 km


If the distance of your flight is between 1,500 – 3,500 km


If the distance of your flight is more than 3,500 km

3.1 Bulgaria Air Voucher Refund or Cash?

It is a prevalent practice for airlines to offer vouchers in lieu of compensation.

This approach is cost-effective for airlines, as it avoids providing cash refunds and compensation. However, it is crucial to recognize that you have the right to refuse the voucher and instead request a refund in cash or via bank transfer. According to EU law, airline compensation and refunds should be provided in these forms, and it is essential to always assert this right.

You don’t have to accept any Bulgaria Air vouchers.

4. What to Do if My Flight Is Cancelled Due to a Strike?

What steps should I take if my flight is canceled due to a strike?

Your initial course of action should be to request an alternative flight from your airline.

Alternatively, if you no longer wish to proceed with the journey, you can inquire about a refund. In certain situations, the airline may also be obligated to provide you with necessary assistance, such as meals, beverages, and accommodation. You may have a right to care.

If the cancellation of your flight is a result of a strike organized by the airline’s staff or crew, you might also be eligible for compensation in addition to a refund or replacement flight. However, this compensation is contingent upon the disruption meeting specific eligibility criteria. It’s important to note that if the strike is initiated by airport personnel or another party, it is considered an extraordinary circumstance and does not qualify for compensation.

If your flight is delayed due to a staff strike, you are entitled to care from the airline, as well as compensation. If your delayed flight is eventually cancelled, you can get a new flight for free.

5. What Is an Airline Strike and What Are the Reasons Behind It?

An airline strike is a work stoppage or industrial action taken by airline employees, such as pilots, flight attendants, ground staff, or other personnel, to protest or negotiate better employment terms.

During a strike, airline operations may suffer disruptions, resulting in flight cancellations, delays, or other passenger inconveniences. Airline strikes can happen for various reasons, ranging from pay disputes, working conditions, job security, contract negotiations, or disagreements between labor unions and management. Employee associations or unions typically organize strikes, rallying a significant number of employees to participate in the protest.

The timing of airline staff and pilot strikes can vary depending on the specific circumstances and negotiations between labor unions and airline management. Strikes may occur when negotiations reach an impasse or when employees feel inadequately addressed.

Being informed about the latest news and updates regarding airline industry labor disputes is crucial since strikes can significantly impact travel plans and flight schedules.

Bulgaria Air Strike Compensation: FAQ

My flight was cheap. Can I get compensation if it was cheap?

If your flight is eligible, the yes.

The price of the ticket doesn’t matter. It doesn’t affect your chances of getting compensation. Neither does it affect the compensation amount.

Do I need to provide travel insurance papers in order to claim compensation?

Do I need to have insurance to get compensation? 

No. If your flight is eligible to compensation, you don’t need to have insurance to get this compensation. No-one is going to ask for any insurance papers.

Can children get compensation from Bulgaria Air?

Are you traveling with a child/baby?

Can your child get compensation? Yes!

If you are entitled to compensation, then your child/baby will get it, too. Even infants who have a special infant ticket can get compensation. Both of you will get the same amount — if you are entitled to compensation of 600 euro, your child will be too. 

Can I claim compensation for my friend, relative or family member?

Yes, you can.

Even if you weren’t on that flight yourself.

They will need to provide you with a boarding pass and passport copy. Also they might need to sign a couple of forms. 

Can I get compensation for old flights?

It depends on the laws of the country.

In many European countries you might get compensation for old flights. If your flight was disrupted due to the airline’s fault 2-3 years ago, you might get compensation for that flight. Make a compensation claim with the airline. Or work with a flight compensation claim company to check your flight, and, possibly, get flight compensation. 

What to do if Bulgaria Air is refusing to pay compensation?

Bulgaria Air is refusing to pay compensation even though you are entitled to it. 

There are two ways how you can proceed. The best option is to hand over your case to a flight compensation company. They will finish the process on your behalf. 

Or you could contact the respective national enforcement body (NEB) and ask them to help solve your case. There are national enforcement bodies in all the EU Member states.

EU – Non-EU Flights, Tourists

I’m flying to the EU from a country outside the EU. Can I get compensation?

Is it a Bulgaria Air flight?

If yes, then you are protected under the EU law on all of its flights. Even on those which depart from a country outside the EU. If your Bulgaria Air flight is eligible to compensation, you can get compensation, even if your flight departed from a country outside the EU.

I’m flying from the EU to a country outside the EU. Can I get compensation?

Is it a Bulgaria Air flight? 

If yes, then you are protected under the EU law on all of its flights.

I am not a citizen of the EU/UK/EEA. Can I get compensation?

Yes. You nationality doesn’t matter.

If your flight is eligible to compensation, you will get this compensation, no matter your nationality. The Regulation 261/2004 protect all passengers —  tourists from overseas and Europeans alike. 

Other Situations

Bulgaria Air booked me on a new flight and provided me with a free hotel stay. Can I still get compensated for my disrupted flight?


If your flight is eligible for compensation, you can get it even if the airline booked you on a new flight and provided you with a free hotel stay. Accepting these services doesn’t affect your chances of getting the compensation.

Bulgaria Air took me to my destination. Can I still get compensation?

You might.

If you arrived at least 3 hours later than scheduled, and the delay/cancellation was due to the fault of the airline, you can get compensation. Accepting the free replacement flight doesn’t affect your chances of getting the compensation.

Have you ever had an experience with Bulgaria Air strike compensation or refund? Did Bulgaria Air pay the compensation in timely manner? Do you still have questions about Bulgaria Air compensation policies? Ask in the comments.