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Bulgaria Air Flight Downgrade Compensation

Bulgaria Air flight downgrade compensation in the EU.

Are you entitled to it? How much can you claim? What are the regulations?

Imagine a scenario where you have a first class ticket, but upon reaching the airport, you’re informed that you’ll be flying in business class? Or, what if you book a business class ticket and later, you’re told you’ll be traveling in the economy cabin? Specific regulations apply to these situations. If you are downgraded from business class to economy class on a Bulgaria Air flight, you are entitled to airline downgrade compensation. This applies to all Bulgaria Air flights departing from or arriving in Europe.

Compensation should be provided immediately.

1. Bulgaria Air Flight Downgrade Compensation

Can you get Bulgaria Air flight downgrade compensation?

Passenger rights in the EU are firmly enforced.

For an involuntary downgrade, you are entitled to flight downgrade compensation. The range of compensation you can receive from your airline is from 30 to 75% of the ticket price, based on the flight distance. Your Bulgaria Air baggage allowance remains unaffected. After all, it’s not your mistake.

This is applicable to all Bulgaria Air flights travelling from and to Europe.

For airlines outside the EU, it is applicable only for flights departing from Europe.

All of this is achievable due to Regulation (EC) No 261/2004.

By Europe and EU here on this page (and on this website in general) we mean all EU Member States, the United Kingdom (UK), Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Martinique, Reunion, Mayotte, Saint Martin (French Antilles), the Azores, Madeira, the Canary Islands, Iceland, Norway, and Switzerland.

2. How to Claim Bulgaria Air Flight Downgrade Compensation?

Flight downgrade compensation is to be given instantly.

Thus, under regular circumstances, you wouldn’t need to take any action.

If it doesn’t happen, ensure you reach out to Bulgaria Air and submit a claim. Otherwise you won’t get compensation from the airline. Remember, this compensation should be deposited in your bank account. You are not obligated to accept any Bulgaria Air vouchers or coupons.

If any issues arise, refer to Regulation (EC) No 261/2004.

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3. How Much Can You Claim for a Flight Downgrade?

The compensation amounts are determined by the EU.

Here’s how you can compute your Bulgaria Air flight downgrade compensation:

  • 30%, if the distance of your flight is up to 1500 kilometres,
  • 50%, if the distance of your flight is between 1500 – 3500 kilometres,
  • 75%, if the distance of your flight is more than 3500 kilometres.

These percentages are calculated based on the price you paid for your flight.

4. What About Free Upgrades?

Consider this scenario: all economy seats are occupied, and you’re given a seat in business class. It’s fine, but bear in mind, the airline cannot charge any additional fees for this upgrade.

It’s merely an involuntary Bulgaria Air upgrade.

EU and Non-EU Airlines

What happens if you are scheduled to travel with carriers such as Qatar Airways or Turkish Airlines, rather than Bulgaria Air? If you are traveling on a Qatar Airways or Turkish Airlines flight, the rules detailed above are only applicable to their flights that depart from Europe. For other flights, you would need to refer to the airline’s own guidelines and the regulations of the country you are departing from.

With European carriers, these regulations are observed on all commercial flights arriving in or departing from Europe.

First Class vs. Business Class

It is important to note that there are significant differences between First Class and Business Class in terms of the services offered and the accompanying price tag. Nonetheless, the quality of service in both these classes is notably superior to what is offered in Economy class.

First Class

First Class is typically the epitome of luxury that an airline can provide.

The perks often include a reclining seat that converts into a flatbed, meals worthy of a high-end restaurant, a wide range of beverages, and personalised service. First Class passengers also enjoy access to exclusive airport lounges and the privilege of boarding the plane first. Some airlines even offer private suites for their First Class passengers, accentuating the privacy and opulence.

Keep in mind that Bulgaria Air doesn’t offer First Class seats.

Business Class

While Business Class is a significant upgrade from Economy class, it does not quite match up to the deluxe experience of First Class. The seats are more spacious and comfortable than those in Economy but may not fully recline into a bed. The meals are gourmet, and there’s an impressive selection of beverages. Business Class passengers also have access to airport lounges and have priority boarding.

However, the exclusivity and personal attention may not be as pronounced as in First Class.

What is your experience with Bulgaria Air downgrades? Have you ever experienced that? Have you ever been downgraded on a Bulgaria Air flight from Business to Economy?